Jakarta International Baptist Church

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 7, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia (click for map)

Phone : +62 21 71794624

General information : ministry.assistant@jibc.or.id or deacons@jibc.or.id

Prayer requests : prayer@jibc.or.id

Member enquiries : elders@jibc.or.id

Breaking info - November 22nd, 2020 :

To all our JIBC family and friends,

As of this Sunday, October 18th, we are allowed again to gather at church. For now, we will have one service at 10:45 with 50% of our capacity, according to the PSBB instructions. Once again, we will maintain the protocols, and with open windows provide good ventilation throughout the service. We long to gather again, some of you have not enjoyed the fellowship of the church since April. God has given us His protection so far during June, July, and early August. We praise God for His protection and continue to trust Him to take care of our church family.

We have prayed often for all of you and are thankful that God has met all our needs and even enabled us to be a blessing to others in their need. Proverbs says that when we give to the poor, we lend to the Lord, and He will repay us. It has been our joy to care for many during the Covid -19 lockdowns and share the love of our Lord with them.

Feel free to bring your children Sunday and to have them sit with you. As a father of six children I am not easily distracted by children in church and rather enjoy their presence. It will be good for them to be with you in church. Perhaps for this Sunday I can shorten the message a bit so parents with children will know they can make it through. I plan to bring a message on Samuel so they might even be able to follow along through the story.

May we once again, and very soon, enjoy the full fellowship, love, and provoking of one another to love and good works that JIBC does so well.

In Christ,

Pastor Steve


As we come together to worship Christ, we do so as a community of believers across space and time carrying on the praise of the One who has given us life, by sacrificing His own. We are glad you are here with us at Jakarta International Baptist Church (JIBC).

Our purpose is to glorify GOD

upwardly through worship

inwardly through discipleship

outwardly through evangelism


10.45am : General Sunday Service and JIBC Online Ministry

9.30am : Sunday Schools for Adults and Children

8.45am : Sunday Prayer Fellowship

Note :

Parallel with every sunday service, we have :

Bahasa Indonesia Bible Fellowship


Children Church Service

There are also some Small Group Fellowships at congregation's homes.

Please contact ministry.assistant@jibc.or.id for schedule.



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